Laughing and joking.

All flights from John lennon Airport have been cancelled…. Imagine all the people.

Boom boom , iconic words from Basil Brush … a Uk puppet on making a joke … who remembers ?

Anything that makes you smile lifts the spirits .

A good belly laugh , a chuckle a smile all makes you feel better .

Serious side of it it releases , emotions , pent up feelings and hormones that do you good !

So I will leave you with a smile

What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?.

A carrot

What can you see ?

I play a game when I am a passenger in the car.

I look at scenes out of the car window I have gone by hundreds of times , and I challenge myself to notice things I have not done before . It is amazing what you miss.

You glance at something and you take in information,

You look at something and you take in a bit more information.

However when you see it mindfully you take in more and more information.

So perhaps it is to slow down and really see the details.

This can apply to many things in your life .

Really seeing someone is an example .

Hope this gets you thinking .

Thank you for reading .

Find things that are beautiful.

Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful.
~ Vincent Van Gogh
~ Image by Gabriele Werthschitzky

The appreciation of beauty lights up your life.

To be able to perceive beauty in even the simplest of things is a gift . The gift is one we develop by awareness and truly seeing .

By Being and mindful in the now.

It is a spiritual gift that we all have either dormant or in full flow.

Enjoy your gift of loving beauty.

Beware victims take hostages.

Beware victims take hostages .

Someone who sees themselves as a victim , has shed loads of worries and concerns who are always off loading.

They are often victims of circumstances and other people’s problems .

That’s as it is but if you are the recipient of their angst then it becomes a problem .

You get roped Into their tales of woe . They cling to you just like ivy .

When you become sympathetic or feel sorry then they have the opportunity to energetically hook in to your energies. It means they are connected to you .

They then drain you each time they speak of their angst and worries.

They take you as a hostage . Their payment is your attention and energy.

They feel better after a conversation and you feel like a limp rag .

More often than not they never ask you how you are or are remotely interested in you . You become the vehicle for their problems .

This happens to many therapists, I hold my hand up to this .

This also happens to people who are kind hearted and sympathetic to their fellow man .

So there has to be boundaries set and an awareness of what’s going on .

The ability to say no is a great help too !

Having your life force energies drained too many times ends up making you ill from constant depletion .

Feed us said the Blackbird .

As I was dozing this morning , I am usually up earlier ! Mrs Blackbird very firmly planted her image in my mind .

While my porridge is cooking , I usually go and put food out for the ground feeding birds who cannot access the feeders .

I was late this morning , and it was cold . They all wanted feeding .

This quite often happens as I wake with my cats who plant an image of themselves in my mind to tell me they want food .

It’s just a reinforcement of my connection to the natural world.

So they are all fed now !

Image result for pic of pair of blackbirds

Happiness is a gift ? Or a given

“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes “ – Charles Dickens

I believe that happiness is a given , it should be our natural default setting . Along with joy , tranquility, serenity peace and love in our hearts .

However there are many mindsets, programs and genetics that stop us from being happy . Most are not ours but ones we have garnered along the way like a runaway snowball.

There are also the constant barrages of media fear , from Cancer scaremongering to wars to viruses , crime etc .

The world is a very nasty place if you seek out all the things wrong with the societies humans have created down the ages .

We are led to believe we are not enough and do not have enough.

So the answer is to put yourself in your own bubble , not engage so much with the outside world .

Create your happiness , create your special moments , cherish them , think about them as you go to sleep so you wake up with them .

Set intentions to do nice things , eat nice food , be kind to yourself .

Be content with what you have rather than looking outside of yourself to find happiness . Be your own gift of happiness .

It’s all achievable , the trick is to want to do it , then it will happen ! Yes delight in it when it comes because you then amplify it.

Dyslexia the gift and the curse .

Dyslexia the gift and the curse .

From my own experience of being dyslexic the gift is being able to think out of the box and very left field .

The curse is knowing you are not like others and do not fit in because you think differently.

I developed many coping strategies, to protect myself from a world I did not feel safe in . Not feeling safe was a curse .

I learned to control my life in order to protect it.

I was successful as a physio , but realised I could not think and work out things like my colleagues. The gift was being very imaginative with treatments that I found worked.

Show me a concept and I could work with it , create around it and embellish it … that was a gift .

Ask me to work it out from cold and I could not.

I failed my 11 plus three times … I now know it was because I was dyslexic . It was never recognised , they thought I was slow !

Actually I have a very quick and nimble mind , and can take off like a rocket with an idea , another gift !

My written English was not good and has taken me years to understand the formula of how to write.

I could not play the piano and site read for my left hand … it was when I was forty the penny dropped as to why. I drove my piano teacher mad and got very upset myself .

Communication can be difficult when you see something one way and the other person sees it differently, neither are wrong , compromise and meeting in the middle is a strategy,

Or you keep quiet because it no use in arguing. Self assurance and self confidence can be dealt a blow , that is damaging and a way to depression if it happens constantly.

I realise as time went on my periods of depression and anxiety were because I did not understand my world or found it hard to navigate and my coping strategies failed .

Dyslexia like many mental problems are programs and codes in the genes .

Perhaps understanding my problem with being dyslexic may shed a light I hope on your understanding of someone in your life .

Your body , your friend .

It may never have occurred to you that your body has a consciousness of its own. It is a sentient being in its own right .

You see you live in your body , your spirit inhabits this physical vehicle to be able to interact on this plane of existence.

We all take our bodies for granted . It beavers away each and every day working to try to maintain balance and health .

We all abuse our bodies and there are many forms of that.

Not many of us listen to our bodies . If we did we would treat our bodies with much more respect.

When we do not listen , the old saying comes into play “if you don’t listen to the whispers you will listen to the shouts .“

Perhaps to be able to be in harmony with your body may be a good goal to set .

Your body can hear your thoughts , knows your intentions towards it.

Working towards a harmonious relationship with your body is key to your overall well being .

It’s not only eating good food , and hydrating your body . It’s resting , sleeping , moving kindly. Not punishing , over straining , pushing it til it begins to break .

Talking to your body and listening to it is the way forward.

Your body speaks to you and tells you when it is in need , listen .

So perhaps do not block it , you have a strong will , but it’s not right to override your body , and cause damage.

Your body is your friend if you will but allow it . Remember to say thank you , to your body often .