Multitasking and Burnout

Not a very sexy subject I will admit .

Women since the sixties and some before began to stretch their wings and wanted more equality in their lives .

In order to do this , the roles of wife, mother , daughter granddaughter , keeper of house were added to by going out to work.

Suddenly for many women life became more hectic as the woman tried to forfil all of these roles .

The age of multi tasking was born , a program in fact that women become bound to .

At this point the husbands role had not changed one iota , when his day from work had ended he could relax , while the wife continued to cook clean sort out the kids etc .

Some of the younger generations men I notice are helping across the spectrum of jobs we do routinely just to live .

Multitasking we are told by our teacher then leads to a program of burnout .

You can see this ..women just get to the end of their rope .

Having a breakdown is often what happens , preceded by anxiety and depression.

The roles of men and women in a household has to become equal , not all loaded on to one .

Stress , is having too many jobs to do , too much expected of you , or you expect too much of yourself.

We actually should do one job at a time and finish the job .

Then move onto the next task on the list.

Set your intentions for the day of which jobs need doing and recognise that they will all happen seamlessly.

Delegate !

Think about changing your habit of multitasking and slow down for your sanity and health.

Treading lightly on our planet .

I am trying so hard to stop plastic bottles being in my house , are you ?

I have for some time used shampoo soap bars , and now I have a conditioner one too . I have been using shampoo bars for a couple of years now.

Soap bars instead of shower gels and liquid soaps , means no plastic bottles to discard.

This week I have begun to use laundry strips , they come in a card board envelope . I am also playing with wether you need a whole strip for a load of washing or could get away with three quarters of a one . The clothes are definitely clean and I am very pleased with them.

We have been conditioned into the idea we require conditioner on our clothes … so trying without !

That’s some big bottles saved from going into landfill or going out to sea.

My dishwasher tablets come in a cardboard box instead of a plastic bag that’s not biodegradable.

Other cleaning products I will get to in time .

It’s what the consumer can do is what I am investigating. The huge companies that make these products need legislation, and to them money is the prize not the health of the planet .

Buying fewer clothes , using the ones I have in imaginative ways .

Growing as much of our own food as possible , I am vegetarian and at times vegan , with little fish .

I am lucky I have the time to think about all of this and explore what’s out there . I am aware it’s a case of simple economics for many who cannot afford to use these products, but hopefully the more we do the price will come down .

We have to cut our plastic consumption that is a given , we have to clean up our planet . These is no argument about it . We are responsible. Now we have to be responsible surely for making changes .

Feed the soil /dirt for good vegetables and fruit.

One of the basic understandings of growing your own vegetables is the knowledge that they are better for you .

You know how they have been tended first off .

What is most important to realise is that the vegetables or fruits that you grow will uptake nutrients from the soil. Which in turn pass onto you when you eat them .

You the gardener have to make sure you have all the right goodies in the growing medium you choose . So this means a good diet of trace elements, minerals for the soil . In the Uk we can get fish bone and blood , calcified seaweed . Chicken manure pellets . I always use horse poo too. Green manures or nitrogen fixing plants such as clover , are always good to grow and you can dig them back into the soil.

There are elements that are vital to plant growth but are only required in minute amounts, very much like vitamins in human diets. They are known as micro-nutrients because of the tiny amounts found in normal soils.

Boron , Copper selenium iodine zinc magnesium, iron manganese molybdenum are some of the trace elements needed. Minute amounts in the soil is all that’s required.

It may mean that you feed your soil twice a year or every month depending on what you are growing .

When you eat your vegetables you want to know you are getting a good amount of these minerals from them , you cannot if you do not feed them in the first place.

Enjoy your healthy vegetables and fruit , knowing you have done your best to care for them.

Clearing out your emotional programs again .

Oh boy , just when you think you have done it , wham bam it comes back to bite you .

For me and Sue we were incubator babies .

This means from an early age you have feelings of abandonment, loss , grief , fear , anxiety, depression and more besides .

These feelings continue into young child , teenager , young , late adult and old age .

Anyway the point is you think you have cleared them .

As you do more work on yourself , raise your vibration , there comes apparent there is always another level to reach and clear.

When you become over whelmed in your emotional baggage once again , remember it’s short lived , it’s often been imposed and sometimes it’s not yours . You have lived many lifetimes and have many relations from whom you may have inherited problems also.

It’s not just memories , it’s in your genes , we create our own programs of our problems . These can also be used against you by outside interference who have an invested interest in making sure you do not get out of the reincarnation trap.

Everything is in a program .For in a way you are a vast energetic computer . We are highly organised complex beings . We are also much more than the sliver of soul that resides stuck here on planet earth .

Do not give up , it’s a journey .

When you go through the stage you are at , the next one begins .

Ask for help from the angels they are the safest port of call.

Relax, wind down . Guided Meditation

Imagine your self sinking into the bubbles of this bath . What fragrance would you like in your bath ?

The candle light and glowing fire set a beautiful ambiance.

You are cocooned in a place of warmth and safety . A sanctuary of peace , calmness and tranquility.

You find your self unwinding , you gently sigh as the tensions are released from your body .

The views are simply delightful and as you gaze you promise yourself to visit and walk in those trees .

Your breathing has slowed , your awareness is only of the now moment . Life’s problems have escaped you.

Enjoy continuing to bathe .

Esoteric , Spiritual, wide thinkers are we.

For twenty years Sue and I have been finding out who , what and why .

Some of what we have found out is daunting sad and unimaginable to many who cannot think outside the box .

I would urge you all to keep asking questions , wondering , searching .

There are many false paths and trails that have been deliberately put in your path . For you have to recognise the cycle of reincarnation is a trap .

We cannot at this stage provide you with the answers that you seek , they may be different to ours.

Ask with a true heart and an intention to heal your soul and be able to reunite all the pieces of your soul that are scattered far and wide.

Your true light of honesty and integrity will shine through. Help will then be given.

The Wildlife guests that visit the garden.

This picture made me smile , I hope it does you too .

It’s the innocence and the playfulness .

Animals live in the now moment .

However foxes will kill many chickens and create a larder as I found out to my cost one year when my hens had been got at. So although they live in the now they do know to store food .

I notice the crows and the magpies who come to the garden do the same thing . They carry away as much food as their beaks can carry , dump it and come back . An inbuilt instinct I presume.

We also have a badger come visit who likes to dig up the worms and when there are wasps with nests in the ground they will dig those up too . They do make a mess of the lawn !

Grey squirrels will raid the bird table , but not so much this year. Last year one was hanging upside down on the bird feeder helping herself to sunflower seeds almost daily .

There are frogs and newts in the undergrowth. My pond is now so overgrown with reeds that they an no longer spawn . it also dries out on a regular basis so not hospitable.

An occasional Muntjac may stray into here . Hares on the field opposite and larger deer have been noted. Soon there will be young rabbits , fortunately the cats no longer catch them .

It’s lovely to observe and see the wildlife here, we are very lucky to see them . Also to take the time to watch is a gift .

Spring has arrived here at Rose Cottage .

The Magnolia is out , magnificent as usual. it was half the size when we moved in .
Over the years this clump,of Hyacinths have just continued to multiply .
I always love the colour of this Japonica Quince , such a beautiful deep coral.
Wallflowers , or Gillys to some people. I always try to have them in the garden , beautiful fragrance at night .
Contrasts of colours make a garden so magical.

Well the weeds are growing , but if they have flowers like the red dead nettle and the bees like them then they can stay ! For the time being anyway.

Hope you have enjoyed some spring flowers .

An imaginative Meditation for you

You have found yourself in a hobbit house .

Looking out the door to the beautiful scenery outside.

You turn and begin to explore the house , each room is a delight .

What do you see, smell , feel, sense ?

In each room something catches your eye , what is it , does it have a meaning for you ?

This is a magical meditation so you can conjure up anything you like a wonderful meal of all your favourite things to eat .

A special drink perhaps.

What rooms do you find or would like to be there?

Imagine decorating each room how you would wish it to be .

Take your time , you can always come back , there is no hurry .

Have fun .

Happy to chat Bench

This bench is found in Kesgrave Suffolk , an initiative of the local council .

I cannot stress enough it’s important to chat to people and communicate . I think I said it in another blog .

Such kindness to a fellow human being , just taking the time to comment on weather, flowers or anything .

So many people have no one to chat to .

Please be kind .