First blog post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Well here goes my very first blog post on WordPress  November 2016 .

WEll that’s not a very inspiring heading , but hey have a big red L on my back .Have just finished the evenings Guided Meditation session . Some people on Skype some here at home . New candles burning in the conservatory as it can get a bit nippy in there.    It’s a case of bring a rug to snuggle into as you are transported into the Himalayas or a soap bubble drifting off across the garden . Imagination is the key for me and others.

I work with spirit healing teams , and there is always many people from the astral plane in attendance, they join in the Guided Meditations too. So when I am stuck for a destination a picture is plopped into my mind .

I have been making some Essences today …Channelled vibrational essences.  I am a flower essence producer as well as therapist . Rose Cottage Flower Essences is my company combined with Unfolding Enlightenment.

Many  stories to tell , so watch this space. Myself and our colleagues could tell many a tale !

Warm wishes to you .