Doyle Here.

A booming voice would emanate from Giles the medium .  Doyle here ….Arthur Conan Doyle had popped in again . This was in the 1960 s when father would sit in a rescue circle .

Giles (a farmer …you could not make this stuff up ! ) was a direct voice medium . This means designated spirit people could take over his voice box and speak through him .

Arthur Conan Doyle was a regular visitor to the circle , usually when he wanted to have a moan . One of his main moans was that he was known for his Sherlock Holmes stories and not for his support and work in the Spiritualist movement in those days. he was a pillar of the movement and a great advocate of wanting the knowledge gained to be known by the populace.

I will say he has popped in here in the early days.

Most of us at Unfolding Enlightenment have psychic gifts , these vary from person to person. This  means.there is a huge variety of experiences to pass on and learn from.

The rescue circle was set up by a spirit team which consisted of a bomber crew who had all died when their plane came down . They had decided to help  soldiers, sailors and airman who had died suddenly to move into the light instead of hanging around on this plane near to where they had died.

We now do this work but do not need a circle to do this , from servicemen, to ordinary folk to animals.

The last time I went to Ipswich Hospital with my daughter we were walking down the main corridor and I suddenly realised we were being followed by spirit people who had not passed and were still hanging around the hospital . I said to her can you see that lot behind us …she could as she is very psychic . So when we got to our destination in the hospital I had to ask one of the spirit healing teams to open a portal to the light and they were sent through.

However  there are times when people do not wish to go and we have to persuade them.  Often there is unfinished business or a regret , or they do not want to leave their loved ones behind. Some are just trapped not able to go down the tunnel to the light. modern medicines hamper a straightforward transition as does a sudden death.

There are times when we find we have an univited guest come home with us , we then have to shout loudly for help for the person to be taken away .

One of our colleagues unfortunately picks up the physical symptoms of the persons death. This is unusual and is a curse not  a gift..

Warm wishes to you as always