My sister Sue hates spiders.

Sue let a spider run over my face

Sue let a spider run over my face when we were children. We had to share a double bed in those days .Being the youngest I had already gone to bed and was asleep ,coming to bed Sue saw a large harvest spider on the pillow and watched it run over my face . Not only did she do nothing about it she then preceded to tell me the next morning . Sisters ! I was as you can imagine horrified and none too pleased with her .Fifty years on I still smile about it .

Where do we get our inherent fear of spiders and things that crawl . I think one thing is we have no control over them , they are unpredictable and we never know where they are going next .

We had one for ages that did a nightly patrol across the sitting room then would disappear under the settee.   The tales that peppermint or conkers deter them by the way is just that a tale ! I live in an old Suffolk cottage and the spiders have not read the folklore .

Have you ever heard of Miasms ? The Homeopaths will have . They are a precursor to diseases , very ancient energetic realities.  Well you can guess what shape they take yes spider.  Several clients now have seen them scuttle across them as the spirit healing teams seek to remove them. I also have essences for that …….that phrase is for ever heard if you are around me ,I have an essence for that .

Miasms was one of the first energetic phenomena the spirit teaching ,healing teams taught us about . I believe people see them subconsciously and know they are present in their energy field and have their revulsion for spiders coming from this.

Spiders are everywhere and do out number humans. Best not to dwell.

warm wishes