Children are psychic.

My granddaughter sees dead people.

My grand daughter sees dead people . It’s normal for her to call her mother and say there’s a man in my room or there is someone standing over there.

Luckily my daughter is psychic and can see spirit people also.

One evening granddaughter is chatting away to someone, daughter goes into her room and sees a Korean boy sitting in the cot . She knows who he is , a lad that had died of an asthma attack at the boarding school nearby and who had not gone to the light.

The sad part about that was he had died 10 years earlier and was still hanging around on this plane waiting to be rescued. Job done he was helped down the tunnel.

Many  young children are born with the gift of the sight . More and more actually are coming in with incredible gifts.

It is to support these children, not tell them off or deny their truths , so much harm is done this way.  Belief in them bolsters their confidence , please do not take this away if you are an adult who has not any gifts.

your children and your grandchildren are your teachers in so many ways .

Robina Hearle