Bags of Blood

A bag of blood will have the life force energy and ……

A bag of blood will have the life force energy , the essence, the energetic signature , the genetics of the donor . It will also have the pathways and links to the person, their ancestors, holograms . It is like you have had added another persons operating systems when you have a blood transfusion . After all blood is an organ just like any other.

This information and how it affects people energetically mentally and physically has only just come to light.

it began with the realisation that a lady who had had bouts of depression always knew it was not hers. The lady had a blood transfusion as a baby .

A lady came to see me yesterday , she told me she had had several bags of blood when she had been ill in hospital …now this may mean they were from different people. This lady was able to watch the spirit healing teams working …she said they were pulling black energy off of her and it was like a whole black inner skin was removed , one that had fitted her body .

Another lady had who transfusions as a young child , she reported that her heart felt like it had been in a centrifuge as it was cleaned out .

i always remember when I was a working Physiotherapist a man coming to see me who had had a heart transplant , he told me he had developed an overwhelming interest in motorcycles after his operation  , before that he had had no interest. There is no doubt about it that information is passed through organ donation , there are many instances been reported . Now we are finding out about the energetic phenomena.

We hope  you will  find this interesting …it’s typical of the sort of information that has come to light over the years.

warm wishes