The Energetic problems of taking drugs .

Oh you have a being hooked into your energy field . You have holes in your energetic defences  these are your subtle bodies. Your energetic she’ll should look like a whole capsule or egg shape with no tears rents or darkness.

These are common finding for clients we treat who have been on drugs.

When you go into an altered brain state with the use of narcotics you immediately become vulnerable to many energies of lower frequencies.

Having a Hook in attached to the back of your neck is very common , you can have three or four. They will affect your mood and personality and in extreme cases direct your actions. You are definately not yourself. Depression, psychosis anxiety can follow .

Even if you have not taken drugs for years the being can still be attached . This is the case for someone who has been clean for seven years that I am currently helping.

The spirit healing teams report large rents or tears in your subtle bodies from the taking of drugs this means much work to energetically rebuild and repair .

You do not know what you do not know and just because it’s unseen damage does not mean it’s not there. You can feel yourself not being yourself .

Robina Hearle