Phew it’s December, and Father Christmas is real !

Sue and I love the Fantasy that is Christmas.

Sue and I love the fantasy that is Christmas. Today was a time to put the heavy work load of clients to one side and be creative , so a creation with lights in the Conservatory where I hold twice weekly Guided Meditations . Christmas cake fruit steeping in Malmsey a type of Maderia …had to try it of course …yes yum!

One of the pieces of knowledge we acquired early in was about thought constructs. When you have many people thinking the same things then a thought form is created when it is about a being like Father Christmas the energy of the thoughts creates a thought form . This  becomes an energetic reality. In his own dimension Father Christmas exists .

So to take this a step further, so does the Tooth Fairy , Jack Frost,  and who ever you can think of that has become a person a out of stories that has been given much belief and thoughts.

The man Jeshua Ben Joseph became a thought form of the church as Jesus Christ.

For us Christmas is the celebtpration of the end of the year and a new beginning as the new year comes along with all its potential. A celebration of the year we have just had .  We are not religious our father took great care not to put us into a religion until we were old enough to think for ourselves .  Religion and the energetics of what goes on is a subject for another day.

P S……….Will let you know how this Xmas cake tastes it’s a new recipe .


Robina and Sue