Who are your Angels and Higher Selves ?

The terms Angels and Higher selves are misunderstood by many.

The terms Angel and Higer selves are misunderstood by many. These terms are actually job descriptions.

Many people think that the angelic realm are a race of beings in their own right .No they are not .  These enlightened ones are beings who have reached a stage in their own development that they take on the mantle of service to others . This is a job description, different Angels have different jobs to help humanity be here and cope with the low frequencies of the earth. Our spirit healing teams are all angels. Many of you at higher levels of consciousness are doing this work of being an Angel .

The term higher self is one that is greatly misunderstood.  People think it is a part of their souls . When in actual fact it is a job description . A being of higher consciousness has agreed to take on the role of being a guide to you and actually eleven other souls .  As we have fallen in frequency the job has become much harder and some are being replaced as they have become ill themselves .

Thats today’s piece of knowledge from Unfolding Enlightenment !

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Robina Hearle    www.unfoldingenlightenment.com