Christmas Seance dematerialisation.

Two black dolls were dematerialised for the spirit children to play with a very unusual physical demonstration of psychic energies .

At the Christmas Seance  when father sat in the Rescue circle the Mediums wife would have many toys. Two of which were beautiful black dolls of the 1930 s era. Because there was so much energy at the circle it was that the dolls and toys could be manifested onto the astral plane for children in spirit to play with . The circle would do their work and at the end of the session the toys would reappear.

Later she gave the dolls to Sue and I , I will say the photo I have put up is not of them for I no longer have them and this was the best I could find .We realised some years later that they were a link to Mrs Giles the mediums wife and she and her sister were able to come through via the pathway of the dolls .

I use to smile because many people who I showed the dolls too found they were creepy.  As with many things it’s sometimes time to let things go .

Warm  wishes to you all.