A Christmas Message from The Community of Light


Will you be inviting the spirit of Christmas into your home this year? Or is your intention to negate it by linking to the created mind-set that Christmas is a waste of time and money and is over commercialised?

You can be the essence of the Christmas Spirit by what you create for your friends and family or you can be miserable, angry and the essence of Scrooge…..your choice.

We of the Community of Light seek to re-establish the true Spirit of Christmas and the Season of Goodwill to all men. We seek to bring back the Magic and the Spirit of Giving with no expectation of return. Giving for the pleasure of giving rather than because you feel you have to is the true Spirit of Christmas. Giving to bring Joy to the receiver is the true spirit of Christmas.

The happy expectation of receiving is part of it too, for one without the other creates and energetic imbalance. Giving and receiving is part of the Christmas ritual.

Many are the souls with other agendas who seek to spoil pleasure for others. It can be dire warnings about the dreadful weather you are going to have, or the harmful effects of things you are going to eat or the greatly increased risk of terrorist attacks. All negative, all dark, all designed to destabilise people and create fear at what should be a happy carefree joyful time of year when people leave their cares behind for a while and indulge in a little fantasy.

Anti- Christmas habits have become popular with people deliberately setting out to not join in, not to send cards, not give presents, not spread happiness, and in fact not enjoy any of it at any price. Over commercialised they mutter forgetting that many people’s livelihoods depend on this season. We say to you my dear ones, that Christmas now merely reflects the times you live in but the true Spirit of it is the same wherever you are.

We say to you that you do not have to try and destroy or negate other people’s pleasure. You do not have to cast a deliberate pall over what should be a happy and joyful time for family and friends. You do not have to shout other people down to make yourself feel right and righteous.

We say that it is what is in your heart that matters. In all honesty actions speak louder than words. You can behave like Scrooge and negate Christmas .. that is fine and your choice as long as you do not seek to impose your choices and will on others. We would say however, that to seek to bring light and joy to those far less
fortunate than yourself who truly will have a dreadful Christmas through no fault of their own, might be a better and less negative use of your time and energies.

You can truly forge your own path, for Christmas like anything else in life, is what you make of it. What you put in so shall you receive. If you put in bitterness, anger, hate and negativity then that is what you will get back and feel.

We say to you that it is time to look around you and see what you are creating, not only in your life at this time but in the lives of others generally, through your attitude, behaviour, thoughts, emotions and actions.

We work with the beings of light to banish darkness and bring love, light, joy, pleasure, and happiness and anticipation back into the world generally but especially now at this magical time of year.

Switch on your Christmas tree lights, sit in the dark and absorb the magical effect. Gaze at the lights until they go out of focus, then listen carefully …you just might hear the distant sound of sleigh bells and a far off HO HO HO!!!

Channelled by Sue Stothard