Sisters in Spirit From a Stillbirth and a Miscarriage.


Sue and I were astonished and delighted when we began this process that our two sisters in spirit came though, we knew they existed but we did not have a closeness.
Mother had had a miscarriage and a stillbirth which resulted in now two lovely beautiful full grown older sisters on the astral plane . They look like us too !

They decided to help us in the beginning of our journey as they knew we needed some help to get Unfolding Enlightenment out to the world and the healing opportunities it would provide for all. They are still about often.

Recently a friend was astonished to find a little boy who had been a miscarried foetus was an actuality. A spirit boy came to see her , who was her son .
This takes time to take on board for those of you who miscarried, had still births or had abortions . Each time an egg is fertilised a spirit is assigned to that foetus . The spirit of the child lives on and grows up on the astral plane being looked after either by relatives or are in a nursery environment .
If this is true for you allow the child to come near and send much love. Talk to the child. If you have other children they may well have been about with the family observing . They will wish to be acknowledged .
A Christmas gift for them, so much joy you will bring .

Robina Hearle.