Clearing out your rubbish when a change of energy occurs within.

Have you ever noticed when you have a leap in consciousness that you clear out ? This can be on every level , your body your home, your emotions, your thinking .

It is a making way for new energy to be revealed and downloaded . 

   You will find yourself spring cleaning , clearing out draws, throwing away clothes and unwanted paraphernalia.

     Sometimes when you begin a new project in kitchen workroom or workshop you find you have to clean first . Have you ever wondered why ?  

  Many books pictures and knick knacks are removed from your life . They will hold energies of and pathways to the author , artist or creator , these may no longer be in harmony with you . Emotion is put into creations …grief, sadness, anger can all be found in our belongings . Emotions we may have cleared from our own psyche and no longer need to have reminders or pathways to .

     When you have some more lightbulb moments and revelations that speed you along in your personal and spiritual development …whoops here you go again another round of clearing.

    Material possessions begin to hold less enchantment for you . Your needs become less . Possessions are a fleeting energy that you recognise you may no longer require.

     You will also realise that many relationships no longer serve you . People come into your life for a reason , season or a lifetime , it is okay to recognise this and cut links ties and pathways .

New people will come along with a consciousness similar to your own for a while . People come and go it has always been so.
Robina Hearle.