Our Great Dane Penny .

Our Great Dane 
      Penny one of the Great Danes we had popped in the other day , she is in spirit .

For the last few Guided Meditations she has come with mother and father [who are also on the astral plane ] who sit in two of the empty chairs . Penny makes her way down the conservatory to me for a pat , then sits on my lap, with her feet on the floor ..well actually she parks her bottom on my lap like they do.

 She has come back before and asked for healing as I mentioned in another blog . At this time she is appearing to myself and my sister Sue . She Is guarding us and giving us some peace. Telling us to slow down .

 When I include animals in the Guided Meditations it happens frequently that people’s deceased dogs come along . There is so much psychic energy in the room that they are able to appear. Healing can be put in place for them then.

Animals in spirit are free beings now not enslaved. Animal spirits should not be used without their permission , they are sovereign . I have released animals before who have come to me who have been enslaved to Shamans and are made to do their bidding. In no way shape or form is this right.

Animals may volunteer to be a guide for you that is entirely different. 

I had a husky / wolf that used to appear to me and show me the way through the spirit astral paths. Teaching me what is possible. 

What about you do you have an animal guide or a pet that appears to you ?
Robina Hearle         http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com