Psychically Aware Children  and Adults 

Aware children and adults .

A friend when she was small had a dental operation and after told the dentist what he said and did .

 She had an anaesthetic but remembered him swearing cos he could not get the tooth out. He also complained because her weight was on his arm .she asked him when she came too if his arm was better .
 Another friend saw a worker in her house that had been many years previously the village laundry ..they actually startled each other.

 St Helens hospital,in Ipswich is no longer there but a psychic friend said when she was doing x-rays there in an evening she would come out of the clinic and see many people in the corridors . She has now asked them all to be taken to the light. It will be the same for the old fever hospital which is now the Nuffield at Foxhall.

    I started my physio practice in a dental practice . This building had been a pub like so many in Woodbridge . The old dental owner had had the building exercised , there was a small of rotten eggs , quite often a sign of paranormal activity . The cleaner when she was downstairs would here an old type writer going by itself apparently upstairs . When she came down from cleaning upstairs the angle poise lamp would be swinging . She paid no heed. Now one evening I was treating a patient late , I had let the patient out the door , went back into my clinic room , tided up and came out and locked it . There was a person standing on my left as I did so . I said “it’s okay I am going home now and will leave you in peace “. They were quite happy that they had been acknowledged . I often felt her after that. 

 It is quite often the case spirit people just wish to be acknowledged .
Robina Hearle.