Hero worship creates demons, thoughtforms and thoughtconstructs.

Hero worship creates demons, thoughtforms and thoughtconstructs .
Energetically hero worship is a dangerous game . Teenagers who begin with admiration, which leads to infatuation, adoration and then obsession over a celebrity or anyone can lead to loss of pieces of themselves , and in extreme cases psychosis.

We also recognise as I was told last night that demon energy will draw on the outpouring of emotional adoration and exist through it . This is without the beings who or hook ins of the drugs and alcohol which always accompany those substances which are often attached to pop stars and actors.

A person will create thoughtforms, fantasy and a thoughtconstruct . They create a pathway to that person and take up residence at the dead end of it . People can and do live inn the fantasy with that person and this can become more real then their everyday lives . 

 The object of adoration may be a film character like Princess Leia who has become an icon and a legend in people’s minds….the energy she is given allows the solidity of the character in the dimension in which she resides. Every story exists in its own dimension from the writers mind and grows with energy from the fan base. 
We are creators and we do so with thought , when you add powerful emotions into the mix then very solid creations occur .

The energy of any group admiration. worship , love, adoration , at events wether it is a church , a football match a concert is a phenomenon. What is it and where does it go ? Well we know it’s an energy and we know that energy can be used . 

We live alongside many dimensions and exist in those too . Energy is a currency and a power for those who wish to use it.

Many concepts to ponder upon .
Robina Hearle. http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com