Spinning to many plates ?

Spinning too Many Plates?Do you remember those game shows where an expert would spin plates on bamboo canes? Then contestants had to copy the expert, they had to have as plates in the air as they could to win the prize.

Are you like this?
 They would have to run around to each stick spinning it to keep all the plates in the air.
So many people run around trying to do all the tasks they have set themselves to achieve the prize of life called happiness, or security , or love or money , creating more and more stress as they rush to keep everything spinning.

So what happens when you founder and all the plates come crashing down.
This can be a break down, mental and emotional or your body stops you by creating an illness.
You have not heeded the warnings when one or two of the plates fell in the beginning.
Too many plates and too much on them.

You crash like the plates, it causes you to re evaluate, and always there is a spiritual break through after and a steep,learning curve.
Does it always have to be this way?
Well no of course not.
However we are brainwashed into thinking we must achieve and that the God Money is the goal so we have become driven in the rat race.
It may be time to stop and think how you can achieve your life goals in a more stress free way.
It begins with you having the realisation in the first place… that things can be achieved without total disaster and that change is not scary.
Also what do you actually need in life, and what have you that is not important and superfluous.
We would encourage you to begin letting go of all unwanted thoughts beliefs and relationships.
Lighten your load through out all of your life.
Let go and Simlpyfy!

Mindfulness is an in word but it allows you to become more consciously aware on a daily basis.
To make choices that are relevant, think out a problem more easily
We use guided meditations to help and or one to one healing sessions also.

Our aim is to advance people so they do not need all those plates in the air, and they can live life more simply and become de cluttered.
Robina Hearle. http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com