The Pitfall of The Rainbow Bridge 

A concerned friend and animal healer brought this to our attention. Many people have begun to think create and believe that their pets after they have died await them on a rainbow bridge, waiting for their owners to pass over and reunite with them.

The rainbow bridge is in a limbo in some dimension.

… A sweet idea you may think …now look at this a little deeper.

Animals have souls, have their own spiritual journey. Animals are sovereign beings . They are companions we do not own them.

So by creating a rainbow bridge which is now a reality in the dimension it has been created in , and wishing your animals to be there you have in fact trapped them there until you pass over. Thus taking away all the rights of the soul of the animal.

No one should have this power over another being. It is one of the aspects of The Unfolding Enlightenment path is that we spend time freeing souls.

Remember and realise that thoughts are powerful and when many people think the same thing a thought form is created and becomes real.

Having said this animals like humans pass onto the astral plane and often live with relatives of their human friends. In this way they have freedom to be to a certain extent.

It would be kinder on the animals if their owners set them free and cuts all ties and emotional links. The animals could then decide where they want to be and have choice as sovereign beings to continue their journey or wait for their former companions.

Not all animals have had a happy time being companion animals.
Robina Hearle 

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