The Reasons why Programming Crystals is unnecessary and unwanted .

People should be aware that the spirit, the energy  and the essence of crystals are beings in their own right. As such they are sentient energies with their own integrity, frequency and their own path. They have their own range of frequencies which are far beyond human perception.

Crystals choose to be here to aid expansion and to increase awareness. They lend their energetic frequencies to aid the healing that mankind needs. As sentient energies with their own path they do not need or require programming as so many people seem to think.

Programming is an unwanted and unnecessary energetic interference in the innate energies of the crystals and compromises their integrity. It equates to attempting to ‘brainwash’ someone into doing things against their will and which is contra to their own frequencies or path. In other words people are trying to override the existing programming of the crystals and enslave them without their permission.

The arrogance of man is such that he believes that everything on planet earth and within the multiverses has been put there to be his tools. He has to realise that this is not so. The question must be asked ‘Is it morally right to be doing this?’

Sue Stothard [with help from Sharinia a crystal being]