The Internal you versus the External you, be in Balance 

We project and walk in the external world most of the time. So much so it becomes our reality and reason to be. It is not the whole of you however.

There is an internal you , you reach it by silence and literally going within yourself .

For some this is very scary , they will avoid being with themselves at all costs.

 Avoidance will take the form of constant noise, music , television , books , other people’s dramas , shopping , hobbies .

 The real you is inside of you everything else is the trappings of this life that are disposable .

 Face the fear of who you are, like yourself, love yourself . Discover yourself .

Be silent allow yourself to go with in , see what you can feel , intuit . 

Notice your thoughts always constant chatter. Allow yourself to become silent .

It takes practice, you learn to know yourself, self awareness builds. 

Mindfulness follows .

While you are doing notice how you are being , if you do not like it change it.

There is a world inside of you waiting to be discovered and awakened and ready to bloom. Your spiritual self.
Robina Hearle. 

One thought on “The Internal you versus the External you, be in Balance 

  1. This is interesting for me because I spend a lot of time alone and often in the quiet, no music playing, no TV on although I am often busy doing something, knitting, reading, crafts, but cooking and cleaning and other such pursuits are often silent ones and I find that some household chores are good for meditation – doing dishes, ironing, watering plants. I find walking in nature the best meditation though, I don’t carry music with me and I don’t walk and chat on my cell phone although I have agreed to walk with it in case of emergency (my kids’ urgings). I often think that I spend too much in solitude and silence, but perhaps I am not listening enough to my quiet thoughts. Made me think

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