New Toys .

New Toys 
I love buying new toys for the playroom. Why ? Because I like to play.

 I usually choose building, construction or modelling type toys. 

Imagination and creativity blossoms with the grandchildren. Interactive play chatting about impossible scenarios . 

We let our minds run free. At times there are no toys involved at all just made up fantasies. 

  Building dens are new toys also , a ship , a spaceship all good creative material.

 We are creative beings and learning to think outside the box is a skill and a food for our psyche.

I ask questions and stretch the parameters , suggest possibilities, say silly things which are not logical to hear the responses.

 We definitely have fun. 
Robina Hearle. 

One thought on “New Toys .

  1. I like this. I play this game with my grandchildren, I start the story and we go around the circle adding a little something to that story, I try to get them to be creative with their storylines. Or sometimes I just make up a story about something and they seem to really like that almost better than reading from a book.


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