Making a Flower Essence with the Nature Spirits .

 Firstly it is to know that an essence is a vibrational frequency (energy )imprinted into water. Secondly to understand that water has memory and can hold an energetic imprint.

When working with the nature spirits it is to be open to your intuition and psychic senses. You may see or sense their presence . 

Set the intention or state out loud that you wish to make a flower essence for your own healing.

     You are aware of a strong sense that you are being tapped on the shoulder and then The nature spirits will guide you to a flower that has offered to be of service.

I never cut the flowers , many people do. I do this so to not cause distress to the plant . (Plants have feeling and emotions and are aware of you )Place the bowl of spring water very near to the plant.

You ask for the frequencies of the flower or tree to be downloaded into the water. The bowl is usually then placed in the sunshine .

You are told very firmly to move away and not interfere while the nature spirits work .

     Several hours later you have the hint to come and take the bowl away. Which you then bottle up with 50% brandy to preserve it so no bugs can grow.

In the mean time you will have sat down and have been given the knowledge of what the essence is about by the flower , bud or tree. This may come into your mind , or you look at the plant how it grows, if it has adversity it’s growing conditions, if it is struggling or thriving ..there will be many hints.
Robina Hearle 

Unfolding Enlightenment Practitioner , 

Rose Cottage Flower Essences .

3 thoughts on “Making a Flower Essence with the Nature Spirits .

  1. Brilliant thank you. I always wondered how!!! I look forward to trying it out the next time the need arises…a very useful and practical resource.
    Does it have to be brandy? Or would an alternative spirit do?


    1. Hi Leah
      Brandy is the best . That makes you a mother tincture .
      Then you add however many drops you are told to a stock bottle then top up with brandy and water …form there you make up treatment bottles .
      You will be told how many drops to make a treatment bottle.


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