The Excitement of Snow 

I have always said the reason people like to see snow is the feel good factor of the quality of the light the snow brings .

 The winter months are dark and dreary and the light is poor. We are at our lowest ebb, hibernation mode . Our vital life force energy is low . It is the reason that many old people die at this time of year.

 The sun on the snow brings a huge flush of bright light which we all crave. We have a feeling of well being through the light. There is also all the fun we remember as children being out in it , but part of that memory was that we felt good, alive and vibrant again.
Robina Hearle. 

2 thoughts on “The Excitement of Snow 

  1. This post also made me think quite a lot about snow and winter. We lived in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada for three years and its the place I loved winter the most even though it was the longest and coldest season there. It was cold and dry and for the most part sunny, so it was easy to dress for the season and go out and the sun can make any day seem bright and possible. I am feeling the drab of winter right now, its milder, always overcast and grey and the snow is no longer white, but dirty, brown, grey and often slushy where it hasn’t yet dried on the sidewalks. I can see how this can affect your mood and enjoyment of the season.

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