Dead end Pathways , do you need to take up residence there ?

Yes we have these energetic pathways , and there are many of them .

One of them is what and how we think .

Take worry for an example .

Worry is a collection of thoughts a fantasy of  created probabilities of a disastrous outcome perhaps. The worries are not actual reality but they are based on our own fears and learnt fears. The more we give it credence in part of our consciousness it becomes real . We are brought up in fear in our society so it’s normal to think negatively. Do we want this to be the way we are ? 

Worrying is a very long well worn dead end pathway which we go down and take up residence there.

 To not take up residence is to mindfully change your thinking, notice what you are doing and ask yourself do I need to do this, what purpose does it serve?

Thought is powerful we create with thought all of the time . Create positive outcomes, turn the worry into positive experiences. If you can think negatively why can you not think positively ?  Train yourself .

Worry for many has become a mindset , a habit and a means of self sabotage , some people actually enjoy this low frequency brain activity .

Have a ponder on how you think and why.
Robina Hearle. 

6 thoughts on “Dead end Pathways , do you need to take up residence there ?

  1. Right at this very minute my 16yo son is full of worry. He’s gone from a high two days ago on his birthday to worrying about going back to school. We’ve all been there but it’s hard to pull him out of it sometimes. Worry is such a waste of energy but unfortunately it’s also in the genes.

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  2. I found this interesting. Although I don’t recall actual discussions worrying about money, I grew up with the idea that having enough was important, again it was never actually said out loud. Now I am in the last quarter of my life I find myself unconsciously leaning towards my parents concern especially about having enough money for their retirement although they both did and in fact had more than I do. Something to work on for sure.

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