This is a true Spirit story and it happened today. meeting the lost spirit children .

I was singing baa baa black sheep to Eve one of my granddaughters .

Jennie suddenly saw a little boy in a 1920s sailor outfit .

Sue got it was our mothers brother .

He said to Jennie he was all alone . He was in a limbo of some kind . I called his mother my grandmother to come and get him .There was a huge wave of sadness from her ..and happiness later as she and my grandfather lead him away.

He died in hospital of meningitis at the age of 4 , and all this time he had been in limbo . Sue later got there are limbo places attached to many diseases …so not all people go where they should when they pass.

We later identified a whole host of children who were stuck in a nothing place , again Jennie saw a little girl , we called the spirit healing teams to help , they said they did not have a connection to the place . I said surely you can use this little girl . The doors were opened , when I looked later they had been opened very wide and children were being reunited.

This will not have been random but set up on the astral plane and preparation work done.