Clearing the Morphogenic Reasonance ….earth healing 

Clearing the morphogenic reasonance 
We have around the earth a band of energy that are our thoughts from generations. It’s called the morphogenic reasonance. This band as you may well imagine contains some very dark negative thinking. It is one reason the spirit people do not like coming back here so much because of this darkness. Over time the light workers on the planet have worked hard at clearing this layer. When you look at the world today you can see there is still much to do. Please watch your thinking, speaking. Be kind to all. This will help tremendously. Putting positive new thoughts out into the reasonance helps change things on earth

So many people believe they are worthless, not worth loving, not good enough, are sinners, and a wide plethora of negative thinking. They believe this because they have been told, or their inner child learnt this from an early age. It can also be a thread from many past lives that has been brought into this reality to be healed. 

Everyone is worthy, because of the simple fact they exist. If you could understand how wondrous your soul is you would love yourself unreservedly. Everyone is worthy, we all have different experiences and stories to tell. We are all wondrous beings of light having a earthly experience. Changing how you think about yourself helps heal the earth too.
Robina Hearle.