An Interesting Inhertitance . Mizpah Brooch.

An interesting inheritance 20.1.17Over ten years ago I inherited a rather lovely piece of Mizpah jewellery that I had always liked from our mother. It belonged to her mother and I have clear memories of grandmother wearing it on her blouse when I was very young and before she died over sixty years ago. I don’t know if it was given to her or if she in turn inherited it, so I have no idea of the age of it.

The other day I was looking at it and was curious yet again about the inscription. All Mizpah jewellery has the same inscription and it is about keeping loved ones safe when they are apart.

Here is what I discovered about Mizpah:

Mizpah apparently goes back thousands of years and has always symbolised a sanctuary and a place of hopeful anticipation. It symbolises a place where the seemingly impossible could happen as if by divine intervention or through divine inspiration.

Apparently Mizpah is mentioned in the bible as early as 1800 BC. It was regarded as a powerful watchword. Building Mizpah monuments was an ancient tradition in the promised land because Mizpah represented ‘a striking humane, tolerant solution orientated approach to human issues’.

Mizpah introduced very clear moral guidelines about GOODNESS, KINDNESS and UNDERSTANDING as well as courage in difficult and dark times. It encompasses the idea that anything and any obstacle can be overcome with good will and determination. All of this was, is and always will be the heart and true meaning of Mizaph. As such it was and is a universal symbol of affection, trust and humane values.

So having cleared the energetic pathways to the past and the people it belonged to and having ascertained that it is a symbol of goodness and integrity, I shall keep it- hopefully for my own granddaughter whenever she materialises!

 Sue Stothard. 

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading this and learning about the fascinating history of this jewellery piece. It is absolutely gorgeous and you are very lucky to have such a wonderful keepsake. I found your article really interesting and informative Thank you


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