An angry Delegation today of Nature Spirits.

An angry delegation today of Nature Spirits .
Sue my daughter and myself were talking this morning as we often do. We are all psychic and are able to see or receive messages. Well all of a sudden an awareness came and Sue saw a line of nature spirits , they were not very friendly and very angry with humans . They talked to Jennie and Sue .

      Why can humans not see us they asked . I had to explain we had lost the ability, been sabotaged down the ages and were damaged . Our psychic abilities which were once the norm are now the unusual.

     The next subject they were angry about was the loss of habitat , cutting down of trees hedges and the building on green land . I told them I would be a mouth piece as I have often been…but we need everyone’s help about this and action . Please plant trees, hedges as much as you can.

   Sue was then shown mutilated and deformed nature spirits. Man has done this by hybridisation of plants, genetic engineering, changing the genetic blueprints of plants and animals for their own gain. Also the use of radioactive materials. I will say this really shocked me. I feel angry at man too for their wilful ignorance and greed .  

    I am careful to not to buy F1 hybrid seeds or plants , they are weak and do not last and cannot produce their own viable seeds. I grow my own vegetables and try as much as I can to work with nature ….if you wish to do this I will write another blog .

So please when you are gardening try to tune in or act on stray thoughts which are not yours, please do not dig when you are angry you transmit your emotions into the soil . nature should not be a dumping ground for our emotions .

Tread lightly . Please help spread the awareness about these beings who live alongside of us and are unseen by the majority.
Robina Hearle.

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