Communicating with the Nature Spirits around you.

Your belief that Nature Spirits exist is a huge bonus and helps to energise them . It is to recognise they are delicate ethereal beings who can be obliterated by our word and emotions. They are not of this dimension , do not really have a form they are energy . They may appear to you in what they consider a form you can relate to .

The Nature Spirits are keen to communicate and work with humanity in doing this a co creative partnership is established. From which we all benefit . They have answers to many of our problems .

Firstly to get a relationship going is the integrity of your intent .

You need to want to communicate for the good of all. 

You need to state this out loud . ” I wish to work and communicate with the nature spirits of my house , garden or house plants for the benefit of all”

 What will happen is a Nature spirit will be elected to speak for the collective .

Speak plainly . Perhaps ask questions that have yes no answers . You will soon be wise as to how your questions are received and even if they were the correct questions to begin with .For answers use a pendulum or simple finger kinesiology , after a while of doing this you will receive answers in your head.

You will be amazed at what they will teach you and of the depth and breadth of knowledge which humanity could benefit from.

The Nature Spirits will teach you and help you to commune and align with their energies. 

We are in a new era of awareness and the consciousness of humanity is growing all the time. Now is the century to reconnect with the other dimensions and their inhabitants. People abilities are improving all the time..perhaps use them to grow in Nature wisdom .

Robina Hearle.