Friday 13 th a very Lucky Day 

My second daughter was born on Friday the thirteenth. It is a day to celebrate in our family. 

Luck is a matter of perspective and the credence you give to superstition and belief in luck will rule your life.

 We create our reality every minute every second by what and how we think .If you firmly believe and have set in stone that Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day , then guess what that is what you will create and unhappy incidents will occur each time it comes along.

 There are so many old wives tales, superstitions that we take on board because they are repeated repeatedly in our family and society. This amount of investment in these thoughts is a huge amount of thought energy . 

I suggest it’s time to stop giving credence to these erroneous beliefs and let them go , for after all they are not yours but something’s no that has been foisted upon you.
Robina Hearle.

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