I want to get out of here, Now ! 

Wanting to get out of the womb.At a reiki share many years ago now , the guides took me back into the womb, I experienced my feelings at the time ,I did not want to be there I was in panic and fear,  but was told it was not time yeti be born and I had to stay.I think it was at that point I attempted to shield myself . I was frightened and anxious. I was picking up my mothers experiences of a stillbirth , a dry birth and a miscarriage and her fears and anxieties about being pregnant .

 Needless to say I was premature I wanted to get out of there quick . 

These memories and feelings I have had to clear with the help of vibrational essences and the spirit healing teams .They are the first inner child experiences I had , this may well be the same for many , being in the womb can be a very traumatic experience.

It is to understand our consciousness is very awake and taking in all the stimuli in the womb and of its surroundings and what is going on outside the womb. 

I hope this helps someone.
Robina Hearle http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com