A Slob day and a Job day , my weekend .

For many people who work all week there are always jobs to do at a home and in the garden. I have always thought of my weekend as a job day on a Saturday , and a slob day on a Sunday .

 The term slob day I stole from my children who went to Summerhill school .It is a day for you doing what makes your heart sing. Be creative , have fun , be different. Slow down ! We all need to do that

 Even on the Saturday it can still be slow and fun , always a sense of achievement when things are done and energy is moved . Especially if you are de cluttering. Those piles of papers and magazines that accumulate over the week , clothes not put away , doing the laundry. The weeks shop often done on a Saturday but make sure you have a treat for a meal or a cake for tea. A job day can be enjoyable, it’s how you are being while you are doing that matters .  

Be free in yourself not bogged down with life .
Robina Hearle. http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com 

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  1. I like this and have often incorporated a slob day into my week, still do actually even though I am retired, its a day when I perhaps stay in PJs all day, read and laze around. I also have a day when I just putter, which is doing whatever comes to hand with no actual plan for what will be done, but I have found that these days are often incredibly successful and energizing because you get so many of those little things that sit at the back of your mind as something that needs to be done but that doesn’t get much attention. 🙂

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