Tricking the mind and body to hide painful issues 

If you trick the mind and body by various new therapies , does it help you or delay the pain ?

Tapping , Bowen , NLP , EMDR , hypnosis techniques of which there are many kinds, matrix reprogramming , any kind of reprogramming is this the right way to go ?

Are you in actual fact not dealing with the problem but just hiding it ? Covering it up ?pretending it’s not there , altering your consciousness or conscious awareness by taking your mind down a different route. Is this the correct thing to do , is it safe ?what are the long term affects ? Putting it in a box at the back of the cupboard and throwing away the key. Autosuggestion is like a slotted in new program you are running on . How do you remove it ?
What you are not doing is processing them , facing up to them and allowing yourself to look at all the facets and transmute the energy of them one by one

We know that many tragic events can cause soul loss . Broken spirits by brainwashing especially in the forces .

So many of my clients have had these techniques and I am dealing with the results .

      One chap had had hypnosis for stopping cigarette smoking , he feels that it was like a blanket and can still feel it there . He began smoking again. Addictions are a deep can of worms to treat. This feeling was then corroborated by another client who had a similar experience.

       Another lady had EMDR for child abuse , many years later she is still worried by it and all the thoughts , nothing changed . The pathways to it and its affects still remain open.

      I noticed with a colleague who was giving Bowen how often the clients came back because the technique did not seem to last. The body is stimulated to respond in a certain way .

 I think our physical , mental and emotional bodies are easily brainwashed and duped especially when they are so damaged already . Thoughts are energy always remember.
Robina Hearle.