Setting your thoughts and intentions in stone .

We often say things we do not mean literally and then we keep saying it. Like I have a bad back for instance and you tell everyone you have a bad back even when it’s cleared up , then the problem revisits you agin and again becomes self perpetuating.

What you are doing is setting in stone this thought , setting an intention you will always have a bad back . You have given yourself no escape clause . 

I am never going to achieve my goals I am a failure at everything I do , you keep saying it and it becomes a fixture in your life . You have again set it in stone giving yourself no lee way for a change or a new possibility to occur .

Watch what you say , you can sabotage yourself so easily.  

I set an intention each morning that I will have a good day , enjoy myself, have fun , be open to new possibilities . That I will get done the tasks I have given myself in their own time . 

Be open to change and watch what you say , awareness is the key and being fully present in the now moment.

..mindfulness .

Have a wonderful week each and everyone of you.