Your rich tapestry .

One of the sayings our father use to say was “it’s all part of the rich tapestry of life ” . It is you and your needs deeds experiences  how you treat others, how you develop what paths you choose or ignore . Wether you flourish or flounder your philosophy or religion , beliefs contribute and  create your tapestry of your life .

If you were given a set of coloured crayons how would you begin to paint your tapestry? What colours would you use ? Would they be dark or light ? Pastel shades or deep rich tones , how much black or grey would you use ?

What design would the tapestry be ? A tree with many branches , a straight road with a few right or left turns , a mosaic of intricate designs ?  Would it alter as you progressed through your life become more intricate or become simpler?

You are weaving your story everyday by thought word and deed. 

This would make a good meditation have a go   Perhaps do a portion of your tapestry at a time.

How about getting a piece of paper and begin drawing your life tapestry and see what you learn about yourself that you had not recognised . What changes you would like to make , what else you would like to put into your tapestry.

Robina Hearle.