Loosing your MoJo ….where did it go.

We are bombarded all the time by other people’s thoughts , feelings and emotional issues . People in an unhappy frame of mind can directly affect you ,and also hook in to your energy field so you can feel drained.
When the world is in fear and turmoil we can also be swept along in this story .Much is orchestrated by the media and governments and religion to keep us in fear so we will behave and be compliant and open to radical answers.

  So you are affected by all of these . If you are empathetic or sensitive this bombardment will affect your well being , emotional balance will be thrown out of kilter . You can slide into despondency and depression  and experience loss of creativity , joy and end up on the sofa under a cosy blanket .

Some people are sensitive to the moon and other energies that bombard earth these can also unbalance you.

 So what can you do? first work out if it’s yours or someone else’s .

Once you realise it’s not you it’s a relief and energy change will occur . 

Look what others are saying on social media or ask your friends how they are ?

 Looks at what you are being exposed to in the media and wether you really need to know . Does the media benefit your wellbeing ? 

Work out what makes your heart sing , what makes you smile fascinates you, make a list and put it on the fridge. A reminder that it does not have to be doom and gloom and you have a choice to change your feelings . Find something that can make you have a good belly laugh. Set the intention to change and state this is not the truth of who you are . Ask your spirit guides for help if you use them .

O These are the sort of mindful questions we ask ourselves who follow the Unfolding Enlightenment path.
Robina Hearle. http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com 

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  1. I think I need to spend more time understanding what is good and not for me, I know some things, but not all, I tend to soldier on and put it behind me

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