Life force energy differences in our foods.

All food has an amount of life force energy and other energies around and contained with in it , either high or low frequency and or of small amount or a large amount.

Flowers have the highest frequency , so broccoli for instance is a good food to eat for the amount of energy you receive.

It’s quality here we are talking about not quantity. Vegetables and fruit with a high vibrational frequency and a good amount of life force energy is what we need.

Man because he thinks he knows better interferes with Nature , we hybridise , grow in poor soils, genetically modify and graft. We experiment on plants. We also pick fruit before it’s ripe and then no sun gets to it, so it is deficient in the suns energies that  we and the plant requires to be a good robust fruit .

The results of playing with vegetables and fruit are poor imitations of the original vegetable. They may look good and taste good , look superb on the supermarket shelves.  However  for those of us who are aware ,the amount of life force energy coming off those vegetables and fruit is negligible. This matters because we are eating to survive and give our bodies the best sources of energy we can. Our bodies respond to what we give it to eat.

We are now told to eat 5 portions of vegetables and fruit a day ..and that figure has gone up , one wonders why ? Is it because of the poor quality of what we buy .

I grow my own and have the room to do so and I would encourage all to try , either in containers or soul bags. 

Soil needs to be fed ,good compost , good organic content allowing a rich vibrant community of micro-organisms that benefit soil to flourish , creates a high frequency high energy environment for your fruit and vegetables to grow in.

Robina Hearle