Clearing the energies of Regret Essence .

Clearing the energies of Regret …Essence .
“a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do.”

Keywords. Sorrow , guilt , disappointment ,failure , judgement, sadness , repentant, reparation, loss , apologetic , contrite , blame , conscience , self forgiveness, anguish, remorse, woe, demoralised, despondent , grief.

Regret is an emotion we all have at some time. It can blight our life , it’s a dead end pathway and many people go down it and live there . Going over and over a past occurrence does not change it or the persons perspective on it.

So regret Links us to our past ….stops us from being here now in the present moment.

Regret is also an opportunity to learn from the experience and move forward , change your reactions and motivations . 

It can also be linked to guilt a very heavy seeded emotion.

So it is to let go , forgive yourself. move on , learn the lesson, stop beating yourself up , be present in the now moment, relinquish the past. 

To not recreate the same paradigm .

Excise the links, pathways emotions, to the event and the people it concerned . It will help them to clear the issue as well as a thoughtforms of dark energy will have formed by this low frequency regret.
Robina Hearle Rose Cottage Flower Essences . 5.2.2017

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  1. All we need is to stay in the present. Eventually nothing is real except the present. To live it in the fullest way, we must consciously excercise to breathe in present. Just a thought.. lovely post.

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