Mother Beech ,a Vibrational Tree Essence , for tolerance and nurture.

1. Mother Beech Essence, Fagus sylvatica
This essence brings to you the energy of the mother goddess.
It gives a deep sense of being nurtured and cherished, kindness and unconditional love. Giving the space for healing, unwinding of the tissues and balancing of the chakras to occur. We feel comfortable and safe, happy in this mothering presence, bringing peace and balance.
It also teaches us tolerance, time to evaluate, seeing more clearly other peoples points of view and emotions; ability to empathise. It also teaches us to soften into the mother heart energy letting go of the rigidity of the dominant father energy.

Feeling exhausted by the pressures of life, when we need to be kind to ourselves and to be loved and looked after and nurtured. For being kind and tolerant to others who differ from us in their beingness. To be more empathetic.
When we need to be more in our heart than in our head. Stimulates and opens the heart chakra back and front.
Made 2005-07-19 in the Rose Cottage Garden,

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