Your Soul Songs. Have they been Sung ?

We each have our own set of harmonics which make up our soul songs. We have a birth song, a death song, a life song, and a song for each piece of soul.At birth our birthing song is sung as we come down the womb and into this reality this sets us up for the beginning of our life.

The inner child as the first piece of soul has a song which continues until the inner young child’s time is reached to take up residence . This sounds of this piece of soul is now song and takes over. This is the same for the inner teenager , young adult, late adult and old age .

When we die there is a death song that is sung throughout the process that aids our passing. The death song begins as we begin to cut the energetic links to the physical body. Each chakra has a cord which frays then disintegrates finally the silver cord which allows us to travel from our bodies in spirit finally frays and is cut. We then can travel down the tunnel to the astral plane as the song sings us into there.

All of these songs need to nbe sung in full and to the end.

We also have a song of life, that has with in it all the creations and paths of this life.

There are many variations and often songs are not sung fully to the end or are even started .Much interference can occur by us in hospitals …but that is another topic.

Robina Hearle.

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