Mutilating the Body for Fashion.

I have just seen a picture of a lad who had large rings in his cheeks , where his mutilated tongue could poke through….in fact the whole of his face had holes in it.

I feel sorry for the body elemental who tries to keep our bodies in balance, and the gestalt, who is the consciousness of the body…they will have both been badly corrupted by this. Well the lad may well have a hook in (a attached entity) telling him to mutilate himself . This has been known 

Most people have no connection to their body .The physical,body is a being in its own right which we as a spirit live in. It is possible to connect and communicate .However we have had the same Deva of our bodies for lifetimes and on the whole they do not want to communicate with us because of all the things we have done to ourselves, we are poles apart . We need to be in sympathy with our bodies and learn to listen .
Robina Hearle.