Your Cost of Holding onto Detrimental Emotions .

We all have a range of emotions. Some unfold as early as the inner child or in the womb.
Rage, anger , fear, jealousy, loneliness , frustration anxiety, sadness , these are but a few of the low frequency darker emotions we have . 

We also have higher frequency emotions , joy , love, delight, wonder, peace, tranquility, serenity , creativity. These can be over whelmed by the lower frequency emotions.

It’s almost like a program runs keeping us in a dark emotion and we cannot get out .

 We know that emotions trigger good hormones or bad ones to be simplistic . 

We know that the bodies PH is altered by emotions.

We know that emotions can develop into anxiety states, worry , depression , OCD, PTSD, and many more .

We know the cost of not looking at and clearing these emotions is illness, unhappiness , bitterness and no personal or spiritual development.

 We encourage you to look at an emotion when it arises and work out where it came from . It may be family , in the family hologram , it may be from work , it may be a repeated paradigm from childhood .

Our mission is for you to clear, own, change the energy of these emotions , so that you are not easily triggered into them. That situations that once enraged you now slide off you like water off a ducks back .

I can tell you from a personal experience that it is possible , it’s not a five minute job is entirely worth it to live in peace , awareness and chuckles ! 
Robina Hearle. 

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