Your Past can hold you back .

How many times do you think of your past? Daily, several times daily, weekly? 

How many times do you go over and over past life events torturing yourself?

If only …I should have said this, I should have said that. I wish I had done things differently …constant monologue going on in your head as you review events. 

This is a habit, a behaviour pattern that you have got stuck in a cycle with.

All you are doing is going around in circles. All negative thoughts are in fact energetic blocks, they have loops, spirals and helixes attached.

Oh what does this mean I hear you say, how does this affect me? 

Well you make the blocks and spirals of downward thinking stronger each time you relive it. This in turn lowers your frequency , creates your spirits to be low, gives you the blues. You create the bond to the past to be stronger than being here now.

So what can you do about your past? The events, hurts sorrows, guilts.

Firstly it’s no good beating yourself up about it. It happened in the past, which now you regret. You were a different person then.. It’s easy this hindsight business but look at the big stick you beat yourself up with over it. Time to stop.

Firstly set the intention that you want to stop this as you are wasting your life.

Forgive all parties and yourself. Know now you would have done things differently, acted differently, thought differently, responded differently. Take responsibility for your actions. Apologise to yourself and all parties. Forgive them their part, realise at that time you or they did not know any better, or they never will. Everyone has their life journey, reasons why people do things react in a certain way. Many have big inner child issues that makes people react in a certain way.

Now as you begin to think this way, you can see things a little more clearly. As you live in the now, you let no problems mount up to fester, if you have a problem, sort it out as soon as possible. Think before you speak. There are always ripples on the pond. Other people take offence because of their own in securities, lack of self worth or inner child issues that they have not healed, or even know they need healing. 

A tip of understanding is this. Some adults have the emotional development of teenagers or children. Because of events in their lives that stopped their emotional selves evolving. This makes it very hard for their children, work colleagues and family to deal with them on a daily basis. It also often creates arguments, misunderstandings and heartache.

Try to see the bigger picture and ask why someone is behaving as they are.

Look at how their parents were and what their background is. The jigsaw can fall into place this way.

Avoid people who bring you angst as much as possible.

People are responsible for themselves you know. You are responsible for your health and wellbeing.

So live in the now. Let the past be resolved and let it go. Let it not hinder your progress in your day to day living. Understand where people are coming from and this will lead to your understanding and helps you to let the past go.

So do not allow the past to hold you back , you hold back the past. Begin letting go, understanding, having realisations of truth. Let the habit dissolve.

Robina Hearle.