Society is not an even playing field.

A guide once said to me “people do the best they can ” . It was a message that has stayed with me , and helps with compassion and empathy and makes me remember it’s not an even playing field in society.
     Not everyone is of the same consciousness level , not everyone is aware , not everyone has any idea of their actions aggravating others. Some people have not been taught what’s nice, acceptable , polite, because their parents did not know and just did the best they could with their tools of life. Which may have been very limited. Many people are disabled in lots of ways.

    Being judgemental causes you to be surrounded by low frequency energy , to have caused an energetic wound to the person you are being unkind about. Thoughts and words are energy and can be poisoned darts. You then have some reparation to make for this imbalance you have created in the webs of life. Actions always have consequences and they are not always seen. In your record of your life however they are always there, never forgotten. At some point responsibility has to be taken so you can progress on your journey of enlightenment.
Robina Hearle.