Communication and curtains .

“Humanities problems would all be solved if they would just communicate ”  many people do not communicate , or if they do it is with anger, blame, defiance, fear , self pity and a whole range of emotions. 

If you bring emotion into an important communication with a partner or spouse or family member , then resolution of the problem is not likely to occur . Lighten up .

Perhaps quietly or speaking plainly with no blame or shame is more likely to gain you a result. We all come to the table with all our issues , that colour our responses and how we experience the communication.

Many people hide behind curtains , intentionally or are just not able to speak out of fear of ridicule or the reception of rage or anger. We know men are  notoriously bad at speaking their feelings, stiff upper lip syndrome handed down the generations has done the males in our society few favours.

My generation did not answer their parents back . We were silenced from speaking , so many injustices and misunderstandings occurred . This  inhibition has lived with many so they cannot or dare not speak up for themselves . Our children however do answer us back and that allows for at least understanding or their problems . However being respectful and explanations without shouting is more likely to gain the understanding you crave , teenagers perhaps need to learn this. 

Allowing people a voice , space to speak, being open to honest communication , and listening not just hearing perhaps is a good way to go. No more hiding your voice for what you have to say is as valid as the next persons.

I hope this helps someone . Have a good weekend 

Robina .