Wildflowers rather than Imported Flowers perhaps .

The energy in your garden its soil its  insects plants trees are in in tune with each other . It is a harmonic , a blended harmony of many frequencies that is particular to your region of the country and the local weather patterns .

Your garden should grow the wildflowers /weeds  of the region. The bees and insects will flock to your garden because they know they can collect the valuable pollen and nectar that is available  The energetic signatures of the wild flowers are ones the bees instinctively know and recognise .  Many plants over the last hundred years or so have been introduced to our gardens and overtime have become naturalised . Being naturalised is that nature has accepted their frequencies and have gathered them into its fold , bees and inspects will accept the gifts of these flowers. Many of the herbs are naturalised now.

If you bring in new species which is happening all the time you may find the bees and insects are very slow to visit them . The energy of a South African plant is an unknown quantity, and may not be comapatable until the plant has been naturalised . You may also find such plants do not always thrive in the soils they are not acquainted with .

Robina Hearle.

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