Achieve Enlightenment for the Benefit of All.

Your hard slog to clear all the layers or cloaks of issues, beliefs , behaviour patterns , pathways , to find the being of light you truly are is not a selfish journey.  As you raise your consciousness and Vibrational frequency it causes a ripple through the energy fields of which you are a part and changes occur . Calmness peace serenity which becomes your modes of being affect others. 

Family, friends workmates all change their energy as you change , it’s like a domino effect. Higher consciousness leads to higher thinking , advanced creativity, compassion and empathy and more. Your wish to be of service is overwhelming andthat of  course leads to creating change.

You do find that complete strangers are attracted to you and wish to speak , offload have someone hear them. 

An old spiritual teacher once said you are all enlightened you just do not know it yet . Well of course we are all beings of light , souls aeons old come from a far off source , a high frequency energy of light . Over the aeons we have sustained damage and eventually our journey brought us to earth where we became stuck in a low frequency cycle of reincarnation . Down to third dimension where unspeakable acts have occurred . Glad to say the planet and the people are rising in frequency , there are more people now of high consciousness….”things they are a changing ”

The journey is never ending and there are days when you are clearing more problems of the higher dimensional pieces of yourself . Calmness , peace and serenity can go out the window ! 

Just keep asking the questions, who am I ?  What am I ?  Where am I ? What is it I do not know ? State clearly I would like some help , and I want to be of service .

Robina Hearle

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