“Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd…do you agree!”

I just saw this quote , “Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd…do you agree!” 

It made me smile , and I thought rather clever. Are you a sheep following the herd or are you the one at the back finding a new way ?  Imagination originality  creativity in ideas , thinking outside the box , being different , choosing the left hand turn instead or the right leads you to different outcomes and experiences than the herd.

The Dalai Lama encourages us to go somewhere new as often as we can. 

Change your routine, do not have a routine. 

Eat differently , try new tastes, flavours textures. Is is your habit to always drink tea and coffee ? Try a nettle tea, a hot lime cordial , hot water, give your liver and body a treat.

Go a different way to work, talk to people you have not spoken to before, extend your horizons . This can all be achieved in your day to day life , you do not have to go on a pilgrimage to India to find yourself.

Change what you read, perhaps stop watching the news , watch different films, different TV programmes.  

Change what you wear , try different combinations form your wardrobe.

It’s not the wanting to be followed by a crowd, it’s about the realisations and the waking up to the fact things can be different. Ask yourself do I need to copy what others do ?        Ask yourself are my life choices mine or those of others, my parents, my society, peer pressure ? 

Robina Hearle.   http://www.unfoldingenlightenment.com

2 thoughts on ““Those who follow the crowd will never be followed by a crowd…do you agree!”

  1. This got me thinking about what I do and how. I had always taken different routes to work and I’ve always tried different foods, combinations, etc. etc. But there are other things that I could change the would need more thought to take me outside my normal routine or box. I don’t have a set routine though and I do tend to let my days find their own way rather than have hard and fast plans, unless the day has to be that way for specific reasons. Still some good thinking and ideas will come on this theme. Thanks Robina


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