Perhaps set the Intention to enjoy your day .

I do this often , I choose and decide  and set the intention that I will enjoy my day and be happy . Go further choose and set the intention you will have a good week , month , year.  Chose to enjoy life, get the most out of it .

Experiences along the way are growth opportunities, they do not have to be disasters , it’s how you choose to view them. There is always a silver lining to every situation , it means a change of energy ,an opportunity has opened up which would not otherwise have occurred. You also may well have enegineered it with collusion from your higher self . Your life plan is decided before you come here , when you are off course, events occur to push you back on course.

Perhaps choose to be fully present in the now moment . A living meditation. 

Perhaps choose to cheerfully sort out your baggage, with the knowing it will bear huge rewards and peace of mind.

Perhaps to choose to forgive and let go.  Disentangle all those entanglements that no longer serve.

Have fun , enjoy your life , you choose ! 

Robina Hearle.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps set the Intention to enjoy your day .

  1. I was nodding and smiling as I read this post. A number of years ago I went through a dark patch in my life and thought I’d never find joy again. I wallowed quite a while but then decided that I could get up each day and choose to be happy and choose to enjoy life again and eventually the sunlight came back into my life.

    Often when I am chatting with people I talk about the silver linings in each situation in life, sometimes they are obvious and you see them right away, other times it takes a while to appreciate the silver lining and recognise the value of the incident.

    Isn’t life wonderful, synchronicities make me smile and find wonder in life. Thanks Robina for reminding me again to see the sun

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