Seeing an Angel .

Someone asked me the other day had I ever seen an Angel . The answer is yes a long time ago when I was a Reiki Master .

I was treating a dear lady  at the time I was sitting at her feet , I looked up and saw a huge Angel standing behind her ,at her head   I had to look twice , he was definitely there . I had forgotten about it until I was  asked . I remember telling the lady, she was not surprised, he was there for her .         It was size of the Angel was what struck me , a magnificent prescence .

Now as Unfolding Enlightenment practitioners we know more and communicate more with Angels. Who as we know have this as a title and it is a job description.  Spiritual,beings of a very high frequency who have put their hand up to being of service . Different roles come with the different levels, cherubim  seraphim Archangel to name a few.

Have you seen an Angel ? 

Robina Hearle.

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  1. I don’t believe I have ever “seen” but I have certainly felt a divine presence, which I had attributed to being watched over by an Angel.

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